Friday, February 21, 2014

Moody Winter

Finally we had a nice clear sunny day with temperatures above freezing.  Finally!  This never-ending winter with its record breaking snowfalls has taken cabin fever to a whole new level.  I couldn't wait to get out and get some photos!  Too bad, my subject didn't feel the same!  She wanted no part of having her picture taken or even enjoying our walk through the park.

SPARTA!!!  Or at least that's what it looks like she was screaming.  It was actually something more along the lines of, "Lets go to the!"  Next time, we'll have to hit up the playground first and head for the trails afterwards.  Lesson learned.

And after that, there was absolutely no more getting her to even look in the direction of the camera.  Good thing she doesn't realize she's just as cute walking away!  I would have probably had even more pictures of moody looks instead!

This little guy had no problems posing for the camera though.  He didn't stop munching on his lunch, but he did hang out and let us get pretty darn close.  

This might be my favorite shot of the day.  I love the simplicity of it and the color.  I also love that it looks like it was taken much closer to sunset than at noon when it was actually shot.  

 This particular park has quite a few Sycamore trees and this view in the winter is pretty neat.  These seed balls hang like ornaments on the branches.  As much as I appreciate the view, I wish it was spring and these things would be dropping and spreading all over the woods.

The views at this park are gorgeous year round.  This was my first trip to this particular park in the winter though.  The snow on the banks of the creek and the reflection of the tree trunks in the water makes me wish we could have stayed out there all day to look at it!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Celebrating the Blue and Gold

Did you know that it's National FFA Week?  Every year during the week of George Washington's birthday, FFA chapters across the country celebrate this wonderful organization.  Back when I was in school, that meant a row of tractors in the parking lot, wearing official dress to school, and mostly just spreading the word about the awesomeness that is FFA!

A friend of mine (that I met through FFA!) shared a blog on Facebook yesterday from The Pinke Post.  The post titled "Why is FFA Relevant For Our Future" is a fantastic read and sent me running down memory lane back to my days of blue and gold.  This morning I decided to check on the status of my former corduroy jackets tucked in an old garment bag in the back of a closet.  

A tiny mustard seed pin was still attached to the collar of one jacket.  I'm not sure why I put it on there so long ago, but I can see its relevance now.  Like the parable of the mustard seed, FFA and the knowledge and skills gained through it, may last only a short time and seem such a small part of your life, but they grow into something magnificent over the years.  I still use skills I learned in FFA even on something so trivial as going to the grocery store (Meat and Poultry judging anyone?).  I would not be who I am today if it were not for FFA, the people I met through FFA, and the opportunities and experiences I gained through FFA activities. 

As I was looking over the jackets, I noticed there were some things in the pockets.  In the pocket of one jacket was the FFA scarf the ladies wear with official dress.  It was the safest place to keep it so you weren't hunting it down whenever it was time to put on your official dress!  And in the pocket of the other jacket was this tiny wooden gavel!  I can't remember where I got it, but I imagine it was from my time serving as chapter and district President.

So Happy FFA Week!  If you are or were a former FFA member, I'm sure you have your own reasons why FFA is important!  And if you weren't in FFA, I hope you can still appreciate the lasting affect it has on those of us who were!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Art Actually

Despite the 5 inches of snow that was dumped on the Indianapolis area on Valentine's Day there was still a great turnout for the Art Actually Gallery Exhibition presented by Kevin West at the Mavris Arts and Events Center in downtown Indianapolis.

Mavris was a great location was for this particular event.  The room was a wide space with plenty of seating and room to move around.  The building had both an industrial and eccentric feel thanks to the open ceiling and brick walls, as well as a grand piano and chandeliers.  I loved everything about this place!

And as if the venue itself didn't provide enough to look at, six very talented artists had their incredible work on display on every wall in the room.  The artists included:

Kevin West
Amy Ward
Will Watson
Latoya Marlin
Gabriel Lehman
Wendi Hall

Live music for the event was provided by the very lovely and talented singer/songwriter Sukie Conley.  She played a great mix of her own music and also some well known covers on her guitar while singing and engaging the crowd.  Despite her claims to be camera shy, she was anything but!  To listen to more from Sukie or see where she's performing next check out her website at

To see the full collection of photos from Friday night's exhibition click here:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Get Social

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to photograph a student art show at the Social nightclub in downtown Indianapolis.  It was my first time at the cozy venue just across the street from the Omni Severin Hotel.  The event, presented by ORANJE, is to become a monthly affair featuring artwork from students of Herron School of Art & Design.

Thursday's show featured works by the following artists:

Megan Coffel
Mandi Devary
Ally Alsup
Tom Thongphay
Kimber Shaw

I also enjoyed the live music by Alex Whitley playing guitar for the evening.  The atmosphere was comfortable with cozy couches, a great bar, and room to dance to Alex's music if so desired!

Each of the talented artist had their work displayed throughout the club on walls, tables, and even hanging from the ceiling!

I had the opportunity to talk with artist Tom Thongphay, who along with some 2D prints hanging on the wall, had this incredible piece on display.

I had a really great time at Social and hope to return for future events.  The display of talent both in art and music was wonderful.  To see the rest of the event gallery click here: