Monday, March 10, 2014

In My Neighborhood - The Beginning of a Photo Story

Now that the weather is beginning to improve around here, I foresee the prompt return of our afternoon walks and many trips to the park.  Beginning today to be exact.  Upper forties and sunshine feels amazing compared to the icy snow freezing temps we've been faced with for so long.  And it was great to get outside and explore the neighborhood for the first time since we were forced inside by the cold late last fall!  Don't get me wrong, it's not like we haven't left the house all just feels that way!

Before heading out the door I made sure to grab my camera.  I plan on documenting these little excursions as a photo story.  I am also using the opportunity to get the kids to look around more when we go on these walks.  I told them to look up, look down, look everywhere for something that they'd like me to take a picture of.  It gets them excited about the world around them and gets me some great pictures in return!  I also love that we don't have to go far for a great adventure!

Our neighborhood is equipped with some great paved walking paths, a trail through a wooded area, several ponds, and a small park with a playground!  It's like the jackpot of getting to do so much so close to home (too bad there isn't a pool though, we could really use that in the summertime!).  We started our trek around the neighborhood with the trail through the woods.  I always have to make sure the park is last or else we'd never get to see anything else.

Baby girl was adamant she wanted to carry a purse and her fluffy bunny along with her today.  The purse was packed with her own camera (I wonder where she gets that from!), and I'm fairly certain the bunny was because we just read a book and watched a DVD about Mo Willem's "Knuffle Bunny."  I tried to convince her to leave them both.  I knew she wouldn't want to carry them the entire time.  I knew I would end up carrying them if she brought them.  She disagreed.  Guess who was right?  Exactly, not her!

It felt great to be outdoors, in the sun and fresh air!  On our walk adventure, we ran into some school friends out riding bikes, saw many bird's nests, counted pine cones, scared a dog, and played on the swings.  I also discovered that part of our neighborhood is apparently patrolled by a Shih Tzu!  You learn something new everyday.

We saw many really pretty things on our walk, although the overwhelming color of the afternoon was brown thanks to the long winter.  But the promise of spring was out there.  A few spots of green were peaking through the old leaves on the ground in the woods and buds are popping out on the tips of branches and stems everywhere.  I look forward to seeing the countless colors I'll be able to capture on future walks.

Even though there is still some ice remaining and a little snow patch here and there, spring is truly on its way.

We'll see temperatures in the sixties this week even!  I can't wait for that. This is just the very beginning of my photo story and our many adventures through the neighborhood.

Come back regularly to find out what else we have seen and discovered as our photo story continues!

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